Capital Sands is an equal opportunities employer and we are always seeking individuals of the highest calibre. Individuals who have the knowledge, responsibility and commitment to the same ideals we hold as a company.

With the abundance of Forex brokers in the market, traders are spoilt for choice to decide for best cost of trade and best returns on their investment. This is where Capital Sands strives to stand out by going to the distance

to offer their clients direct access to inter-bank liquidity,tight spreads, fast and quality execution and exceptional customer service. Our services for professionals and active traders, new traders and money managers are based on the following main principles.

Safe regulatory Environment

Capital Sands is committed to having strict management discipline and first-class controls in our compliance environment. As a regulated entity Capital Sands is required to meet strict financial standards, including capital adequacy and audit requirements. Capital Sands holds clients money in client segregated accounts in top rated banks and these funds cannot be used for any purpose other than to maintain margin needed to cover positions opened by clients.

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